Understanding Terpenoids: Phytol

In this series we are providing information about the terpenoids that we test for and quantify in cannabis at Steep Hill Halent. This week: Phytol.

Phytol is a diterpene alcohol that is derived from the breakdown of chlorophyll. Unlike many terpenes, Phytol has very little odor. It is used as a precursor in the formation of both vitamins E and K. Phytol is richly yellow pigment and is the yellow color seen in many tinctures where the chlorophyll has been destroyed by heating it. Ever notice that when lawn grass is shielded from light for a period of time, how it turns yellow? That yellow is the breakdown of cholorphyll, resulting in Phytol pigment. Phytol is found in aged green tea and is used in the treatment of insomnia, sometimes in conjunction with Linalool.

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