THCV Update: Doug’s Varin Strain

Doug's Varin Strain

Doug’s Varin Strain

Steep Hill Halent has finished analyzing kief from Doug’s Varin strain. Below are 2 lab reports; the first is unheated, and the second decarboxylated.

In the unheated sample, the THCA:THCVA ratio is a whopping 5:4, with 19% THCA and 15% THCVA. This means that each gram of this kief contains 190mg of THCA and 150mg of THCVA. This ratio is the lowest we have seen in this strain as other samples previously tested had slightly more THCVA than THCA.

Also note the 1.5% Myrcene. This large amount of Myrcene allows THC and THCV to enter the brain more quickly and in larger concentrations. Normally, with that level of Myrcene content, one would expect the kief to have a strong couch lock effect, but as it turns out, the extremely energetic effects of THCV negate the couch lock effect entirely.

When consumed, Doug’s Varin is exceptionally robust in its energetic properties, and also highly appetite suppressive. It is also very clear-headed, similar to Super Silver Haze, except Doug’s Varin delivers a more energetic reaction over a shorter duration as compared to Super Silver Haze.

The mother plant of this exceedingly rare strain has now been stabilized by three different expert horticulturists, who ultimately plan to release this strain for use in treatment of P.T.S.D., Parkinson’s, and other ailments for which it is exceptionally suited.


Doug’s Varin Kief

Download full PDF report — Doug’s Varin Kief


Doug’s Varin Kief – Decarboxylated

Download full PDF report — Doug’s Varin Kief [Decarboxylated]

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