Strain Fingerprint™ Launch: Leafly Partnership

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Since opening our doors in 2008, Steep Hill has tested over 100,000 cannabis samples creating the largest database of tested cannabis in the world.

Now, in collaboration with Leafly, we are pleased to release the first of a new wave of data-driven cannabis resources: the Steep Hill Strain Fingerprint.

Strain Fingerprint Launch

A Strain Fingerprint shows the average concentrations of twelve of the most relevant cannabinoids and terpenoids found in cannabis strains. Values and graphics are produced using cluster analysis of samples tested at Steep Hill, resulting in a composite average chemical makeup and unique strain-identifying iconography. Ranges take into account standard deviation to provide the most accurate models possible.

As we build out the program, this type of data will be further refined and integrated throughout our reporting infrastructure, verification services, and reference material.

While browsing through these Strain Fingerprints, note similarities and differences in each strain: for example high beta-Myrcene levels (above 0.5%) indicating ‘indica’ dominant effects, or the THCV spike in Durban Poison. More strains will be soon be added as we work further into our data sets.

Leafly Partnership

Leafly is widely known as one of the world’s largest cannabis information resources for patients and consumers, and we are exited to be debuting our Strain Fingerprints through the Leafly app; look for the website addition to with the next few updates.

Strain Fingerprints are the perfect compliment to Leafly’s Strain Attributes tables, providing insight into expected therapeutic and experiential effects vs a given strain’s compound profile. Future releases will link directly to information regarding the properties of individual compounds, providing the most complete picture to date of the product being consumed.

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