Steep Hill Halent Takes On 2014

Daniel Reeder (Member Manager and Consulting Scientist, Colorado) and Joseph Evans (Laboratory Director, Colorado).

Some watch history as it passes by.. others write the books.

Yesterday we become the first cannabis testing organization to be licensed by both the state of Colorado and the city of Denver. This is huge for us, and we couldn’t be more excited for this expansion and the opportunities that have been opened. A big thank you is in order for those who made this possible, putting in the countless hours to make this dream come true. We welcome Joseph Evans, Daniel Reeder, Michael Anderson, Yamilda Evans, and John Hunt into the Steep Hill Halent family; these people are rockstars and are the perfect team to be heading up the Colorado division.

Steep Hill Halent has seen many changes over the last year. In early 2013 we started from the ground up, streamlining and improving our product offering and reports based on the feedback of our clients. Next we doubled down on technology, introducing a new engineering team who cut test times, improved laboratory workflow, increased data security, and began preparing and scaling our systems for remote expansions. We re-organized and brought on new management, making it possible to complete a merger with Halent Scientific, which quickly placed us as the world’s leading analytical cannabis testing and research facility. With the assistance of the Halent team, we were able to improve our testing methodologies, tripling the number of compounds we quantify while letting us test more samples with greater efficiency. We were able to re-work our web and social media channels, distributing educational material to a wider audience of patients, consumers, and cannabis advocates. Additionally, we were covered by reputable publications such as Reuters and the Wall Street Journal’s Market Watch, entertained foreign diplomats, and provided testing services to multiple cannabis conventions including the High Times Medical Cannabis Cup in San Francisco. Steep Hill Halent now employs 25 people in California and Colorado.

To kick off 2014, we have secured licenses in Colorado, have began setting up the new Denver location, and are on schedule to begin testing the first week of February (email to get on the waiting list). Seattle, Washington is close behind. Now the pressure is on us to deliver!

This year we will continue to improve our testing services, reports, methodologies, and technology in order to provide the best cannabis quality assurance services available in legal markets. There is so much in the pipeline and there is no question this will be our biggest year yet.

To our family, friends, clientele, the greater cannabis community, and affiliate advocate organizations, thank you! Your support makes all of this possible. We welcome your candid feedback and look forward to providing you with expert solutions. Together, let’s climb a few more steep hills, write some history, and bring the enjoyment and benefits of cannabis to the world.

Bring on the new year!

Donald Land Ph.D. (Chief Scientific Consultant) and team calibrating a new liquid chromatography unit.

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