QuantaCann is a laboratory-grade cannabis testing unit, installed onsite at the collective or production level, that utilizes Near-Infrared Spectrophotometry (NIRS) to analyze cannabis flowers and granular water hash by taking a spectral scan of each sample. Each sample’s spectral data is sent to Steep Hill Halent’s in-house servers using an encrypted connection. We then calculate the THC-A, THC (pre and post-decarboxylate values), CBD, and moisture in the sample by comparing it against our database of thousands of Liquid Chromatography and Gas Chromatography tested samples. Each scan takes just 60 seconds (click for video demo).

QuantaCann is controlled using a web application which may be accessed from any browser. The app tracks all samples you have scanned, creating a searchable database, as well as providing analytics on how locally tested samples compare to all those tested across the QuantaCann network. After testing a sample, results may exported and shared directly from the QuantaCann app to Facebook, Weedmaps, or by email. There is no limit to the number of samples that may be tested.

QuantaCann units measure 18.5″ x 13″ x 9.5″ minus the included monitor which we recommend placing on top the unit. All we require for setup is a static Web IP address and ethernet connection at the install location. We travel out to install each QuantaCann unit and train as many employees as needed on the day of the install. If training for additional employees after the initial installation is required, we will work it out on a circumstantial basis; the cost is an hour or so of consulting plus travel expense.

Lease and Purchase Details:
QuantaCann units may be leased or purchased in legal jurisdictions worldwide. We encourage clients to offer testing for patients, growers, and collectives in their areas, providing this valuable resource to local communities while offsetting the cost of the unit.

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