CBS KPIX 5: Putting Bay Area Medicinal Marijuana To The Test – Reporter Mike Sugerman

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Steep Hill & CBS KPIX 5

Medicinal marijuana is legal in California, but do patients really know what is in the cannabis products they purchase at local dispensaries?

Steep Hill was pleased to work with CBS KPIX and Mike Sugerman to conduct a blind test of cannabis products found at medical cannabis dispensaries in the Bay Area. His findings may be surprising to some, though the test results were not out of the ordinary. There is still much work to done in the California medical cannabis community in regards to quality assurance and public safety. We encourage cannabis patients and consumers to request tested products from the dispensaries you visit, and always check labels for dosing information.

True activism is a science!

Strain Fingerprint™ Launch: Leafly Partnership

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Since opening our doors in 2008, Steep Hill has tested over 100,000 cannabis samples creating the largest database of tested cannabis in the world.

Now, in collaboration with Leafly, we are pleased to release the first of a new wave of data-driven cannabis resources: the Steep Hill Strain Fingerprint.

Strain Fingerprint Launch

A Strain Fingerprint shows the average concentrations of twelve of the most relevant cannabinoids and terpenoids found in cannabis strains. Values and graphics are produced using cluster analysis of samples tested at Steep Hill, resulting in a composite average chemical makeup and unique strain-identifying iconography. Ranges take into account standard deviation to provide the most accurate models possible.

As we build out the program, this type of data will be further refined and integrated throughout our reporting infrastructure, verification services, and reference material.

While browsing through these Strain Fingerprints, note similarities and differences in each strain: for example high beta-Myrcene levels (above 0.5%) indicating ‘indica’ dominant effects, or the THCV spike in Durban Poison. More strains will be soon be added as we work further into our data sets.

Leafly Partnership

Leafly is widely known as one of the world’s largest cannabis information resources for patients and consumers, and we are exited to be debuting our Strain Fingerprints through the Leafly app; look for the website addition to with the next few updates.

Strain Fingerprints are the perfect compliment to Leafly’s Strain Attributes tables, providing insight into expected therapeutic and experiential effects vs a given strain’s compound profile. Future releases will link directly to information regarding the properties of individual compounds, providing the most complete picture to date of the product being consumed.

To learn more about cannabis and cannabis strains, visit and

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Steep Hill Proficiency Results: The Emerald Test

In preparation for our upcoming ISO 17025 certification, our Oakland and Seattle labs participated in a D9THC potency ring test conducted by Emerald Scientific with 17 other labs around the nation. Steep Hill is pleased to report that we did very well, testing within +/- 1%. We work hard to maintain accurate, consistent results across each of our testing facilities, and are proud to display the Emerald Scientific certification badges.

The Emerald Test

The D9THC proficiency test evaluates a lab’s proficiency at cannabinoid potency testing. Each test includes a single, unknown Delta-9 THC sample in methanol, between 100-1000ug/ml. The test is ISO 17043 accredited. Samples are shipped overnight to participating labs, who then have 7 days to run the sample and report results.

Learn more at

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The CannaMoms at Steep Hill

Yesterday we had the opportunity to host the CannaMoms at our Oakland, CA laboratory.

We would like to send out a huge thank to the CannaMoms and their children for traveling from Florida to learn more about medical cannabis. It was both humbling and insightful seeing cannabis science meet treatment for the critically ill, particularly in such delicate and controversial circumstances.

Topics covered included information about the dangers and safety issues of using cannabis to treat critically ill children, medical efficacy, terpenoids, cannabinoids and decarboxylation, dosing, extraction methods and preparation of medicines, and further resources.

About CannaMoms:

This group of passionate mothers advocates for the right and option to utilize cannabis in the care of their critically ill children. They fight diligently for common sense legislation, and have spent tireless hours informing the public of the medicinal benefits of cannabis while raising awareness of the need for more compassionate, effective, and safer options for children with critical illnesses. They believe their personal hardships and experiences lend them the knowledge required to help other parents of critically ill children, and they spend much of their time out of the public eye working one-on-one with parents nationwide:

“Our mission is to perpetuate compassion and give power back to the people. Don’t just stand on the sideline… get engaged in your community today!”

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Steep Hill Labs Announces Release of QuantaCann2

Oakland, Ca – Today, Steep Hill Labs, Inc. announced the release of its highly anticipated, next generation cannabis testing technology, the QuantaCann2. “We are excited that the QuantaCann2 is now available for lease in all states where legal cannabis markets exist,” said CEO and Co-Founder David Lampach. “Our advanced optical platform and cloud-based analytics can deliver laboratory-grade THC, CBD and moisture test results anywhere in the world in under 60 seconds.”

QuantaCann2 is the world’s first remote, on-site instant potency and process analysis technology that enables business users such as cannabis producers, processors, dispensaries, other testing labs and even regulators to have real-time access to chemical information for their raw materials and products at their own locations. The platform aggregates information from Steep Hill’s world-leading database of test results and other proprietary resources, using a sophisticated, proprietary SaaS interface and analytical models. The QuantaCann2 scans the source material using near-infrared spectrometry and sends the spectral scans through the cloud for analytical processing. Results are delivered through the QC2’s unique user interface, providing instant, conclusive potency and moisture data to users, dynamically and virtually.

“The time has come to make sure that the potency and active ingredient profile of cannabis available in the consumer marketplace is known, and transparent. By democratizing access to sophisticated potency testing, the QuantaCann2 is an important tool for the cannabis industry in the effort to maximize product safety and consumer knowledge,” emphasized Lampach in making the announcement. QuantaCann2’s testing functions, processes, and a modified version of its user interface were featured in Sunday night’s episode of CBS’s CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, entitled “Buzz Kill.”

“We are pleased that CSI chose our QuantaCann2 technology to help solve the crime in ’Buzz Kill.’ As the nation’s leading provider of cannabis testing, analytics and quality management solutions for the burgeoning industry, the acknowledgement and validation that comes from such prominent media recognition is an honor,” said Lampach. “Identifying unique strains of cannabis and matching them to a large database is not only possible in helping to solve a crime on television, it is actually already possible in real life today through Steep Hill’s technological innovations such as the QuantaCann2.”

For more information on how to lease a QuantaCann2, please visit or call 510-562-7400 to speak with a Steep Hill representative.

Founded in Oakland, CA, in 2008, Steep Hill is a science and technology firm that has become the industry leader in cannabis testing and analytics in the United States, and internationally. Steep Hill pioneered the first medical cannabis potency and microbiological contaminants testing methodology used in California, which was the first state to legalize medical cannabis. The company has since developed a variety of revolutionary cannabis industry testing products, including the QuantaCann, and now the QuantaCann2. Steep Hill has also provided expert consulting advice to many U.S. states and local municipalities on effective cannabis testing, quality assurance and regulation for a healthy and safe supply of medical cannabis.

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