Indica or Sativa: Here’s How to Know

The amount of Myrcene in a cannabis sample is what dictates the indica or sativa effect. If a sample has over 0.5% Myrcene, it will have indica, or “couch-lock” effects. If a sample has less than 0.5% Myrcene, it will have the soaring Sativa effect. It is simply the amount of Myrcene that is in the sample that dictates how you will be effected.

Next time you get your cannabis tested, get a terpene test on your flower or oil and see if that OG you are running is sativa or indica dominant. This is a fun way of knowing more about your medicine and also a good way to decide if something is gonna be a good nighttime or daytime medicine.

Also reference: ChemSpider

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  1. High Guys; I am currently prescribed 70 grams of cannabis daily for a number of health issues that include severe arthritis, a complicated genetic disorder, PTSD, and so on. I have tried every treatment the doctors have dreamed up and some of my own over the last 40 years with disasterous results from prescription synthetics. After the rounds of prescriptions I have to wear a bracelet warning my allergys and sensitivities. You would not believe the argument that I had with the medic alert people just to get the word marijuana on my bracelet. Over the years I have consulted the MS Society, many doctors including my own, hospitals, and I have been called to court to testify as an expert on the production, use, and sales here in Canada. I have taught classes on the production, consumption, making concentrates, and of course the proper medical applications of cannabis. I have produced marijuana for 40 years now. I have watched the medical marijuana industry evolve greatly over this time. Even better yet, I have been allowed to be a part of it, thanks in part to your organization. Your charts and research have been of the utmost use and value to me and the people in my own orginizations. I have shown your charts to medical health care representitives on countless occassions with the same result, they just did not know. most are taught that marijuana is just marijuana and are truely amazed when someone takes the time to show them. My own doctor had no idea that there was so much information available. This info has helped my doctor to become more involved, and better yet, more helpfull in treating me. When I was first prescribed marijuana my doctor had no idea where to start so he told me to use it for a while ,then come back and consult him on consumption and effectivness. He pretty much told me straight out that I would have to tell him how much and how often I should consume. This is not the norm for him any longer I can assure you. Since you have educated him he is now comfortable enough to write letters to the courts pertaining to my treatment and so on. This simply was not an option at first because he was uncomfortable with the subject. He did not want his staff to know at first, and now they are all quite comfortable after the years. The nurses at my doctors office would not even touch a container with marijuana in it. Now there are a bunch of them that smell it and even ask for the strain and chemical content. I used to feel tension at doctors visits over my medication and this no longer is the case. As a matter of fact, I now use a vaporizor in the office with no issues. This truely has removed unwanted stress while making frequent trips to the doctor, not to mention the pain because walking and travel cause severe pain for me. As a matter of fact I have used my vaporizor in the court thanks to your info. Your info has been a blessing to me in too many ways to list over the years. I would like to thank you on behalf of myself and my family for making our quality of life better. THANK YOU FOR TOUR EFFORTS !

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