Steep Hill Proficiency Results: The Emerald Test

In preparation for our upcoming ISO 17025 certification, our Oakland and Seattle labs participated in a D9THC potency ring test conducted by Emerald Scientific with 17 other labs around the nation. Steep Hill is pleased to report that we did very well, testing within +/- 1%. We work hard to maintain accurate, consistent results across each of our testing facilities, and are proud to display the Emerald Scientific certification badges.

The Emerald Test

The D9THC proficiency test evaluates a lab’s proficiency at cannabinoid potency testing. Each test includes a single, unknown Delta-9 THC sample in methanol, between 100-1000ug/ml. The test is ISO 17043 accredited. Samples are shipped overnight to participating labs, who then have 7 days to run the sample and report results.

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emerald test certification badges

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