CBS KPIX 5: Putting Bay Area Medicinal Marijuana To The Test – Reporter Mike Sugerman

  Steep Hill & CBS KPIX 5 Medicinal marijuana is legal in California, but do patients really know what is in the cannabis products they purchase at local dispensaries? Steep Hill was pleased to work with CBS KPIX and Mike Sugerman to conduct a blind test of cannabis products found at medical cannabis dispensaries in […]

Strain Fingerprint™ Launch: Leafly Partnership

leafly app

Since opening our doors in 2008, Steep Hill has tested over 100,000 cannabis samples creating the largest database of tested cannabis in the world. Now, in collaboration with Leafly, we are pleased to release the first of a new wave of data-driven cannabis resources: the Steep Hill Strain Fingerprint. Strain Fingerprint Launch A Strain Fingerprint […]

Steep Hill Proficiency Results: The Emerald Test


In preparation for our upcoming ISO 17025 certification, our Oakland and Seattle labs participated in a D9THC potency ring test conducted by Emerald Scientific with 17 other labs around the nation. Steep Hill is pleased to report that we did very well, testing within +/- 1%. We work hard to maintain accurate, consistent results across […]

The CannaMoms at Steep Hill

Yesterday we had the opportunity to host the CannaMoms at our Oakland, CA laboratory. We would like to send out a huge thank to the CannaMoms and their children for traveling from Florida to learn more about medical cannabis. It was both humbling and insightful seeing cannabis science meet treatment for the critically ill, particularly […]

Steep Hill Labs Announces Release of QuantaCann2

PRESS RELEASE Oakland, Ca – Today, Steep Hill Labs, Inc. announced the release of its highly anticipated, next generation cannabis testing technology, the QuantaCann2. “We are excited that the QuantaCann2 is now available for lease in all states where legal cannabis markets exist,” said CEO and Co-Founder David Lampach. “Our advanced optical platform and cloud-based […]

HIGH TIMES U.S. Cannabis Cup panels, WA 2014

Canna-business 101: How to open yours (09/07/2014) • Jen Bernstein (moderator), HIGH TIMES • Adam Mintz, Steep Hill Halent • Garyn Angel, Magical Butter • Brett Albanese, Cloud Penz. • Kitty Dunleavy Miller, Cannabis Farmers Markets, Kit-Tea’s Herbal Remedies • Aaron Justis, Buds & Roses LA, Kushman Veganics   The Science of Cannabis: Understanding Our […]

CBN: A Sleeping Synergy


Many who have heard of the cannabinoid Cannabinol (CBN) have a negative impression of the compound, as it is typically believed to be a degraded compound that appears in old, poorly stored cannabis. However, this bleak perspective is not entirely accurate. Unlike most cannabinoids, CBN rarely results from the decarboxylation of its acid form (CBNA). Most of the CBN found in cannabis […]

Mycotoxins, Molds, & Cannabis


Microbiological Screening at Steep Hill Halent Molds (fungus) are living organisms that are often involved with the decomposition of organic matter. During the lifespan of a mold, it produces chemicals, by-products, and metabolites (like the alcohol produced by yeast during beer fermentation), including mycotoxins. Mycotoxins are so-named because they have been shown to be highly […]

THCV Update: Doug’s Varin Strain

Steep Hill Halent has finished analyzing kief from Doug’s Varin strain. Below are 2 lab reports; the first is unheated, and the second decarboxylated. In the unheated sample, the THCA:THCVA ratio is a whopping 5:4, with 19% THCA and 15% THCVA. This means that each gram of this kief contains 190mg of THCA and 150mg […] search-me PHP Developer, Web Developer ,Web Consultant, WordPress Developer , Freelancer, Gaurav Pathania, Gaurav