The CannaMoms at Steep Hill

Yesterday we had the opportunity to host the CannaMoms at our Oakland, CA laboratory.

We would like to send out a huge thank to the CannaMoms and their children for traveling from Florida to learn more about medical cannabis. It was both humbling and insightful seeing cannabis science meet treatment for the critically ill, particularly in such delicate and controversial circumstances.

Topics covered included information about the dangers and safety issues of using cannabis to treat critically ill children, medical efficacy, terpenoids, cannabinoids and decarboxylation, dosing, extraction methods and preparation of medicines, and further resources.

About CannaMoms:

This group of passionate mothers advocates for the right and option to utilize cannabis in the care of their critically ill children. They fight diligently for common sense legislation, and have spent tireless hours informing the public of the medicinal benefits of cannabis while raising awareness of the need for more compassionate, effective, and safer options for children with critical illnesses. They believe their personal hardships and experiences lend them the knowledge required to help other parents of critically ill children, and they spend much of their time out of the public eye working one-on-one with parents nationwide:

“Our mission is to perpetuate compassion and give power back to the people. Don’t just stand on the sideline… get engaged in your community today!”

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7 Comments on “The CannaMoms at Steep Hill

  1. I have low back pain and take meds for this……what product lessens pain without the high of pot..

    • You will want a strain rich in cannabidoil (CBD).

      CBD is a non-psychotropic powerful antioxidant with anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective properties.

    • Hi Craig,
      In line with the other comment, you will want to look for strains rich in CBD.
      To learn more about CBD, please take a look at our Guide to Understanding Medical Cannabis, or our cannabinoid and terpenoid reference guide at

  2. How do or where is the safest way to purchase? I’m in Texas and am having no luck at all. Having arthritis and degenerating disc. Won’t give into typical pain meds. Pain is getting rough.

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