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Steep Hill Halent uses the most sophisticated scientific instrumentation and methodology to provide analytical services that are unsurpassed in the medical cannabis industry.  Our team boasts some of the most innovative minds in cannabis science today. We provide a range of analytical services to medical and legal cannabis states. Whether you are a dispensary, grower, or medical cannabis patient, Steep Hill Halent offers you the analytical tools you need to make smart agricultural and business decisions.




Steep Hill Halent offers consulting services to businesses, state, and local governments. We offer consulting services in the areas of cannabis safety, regulation, testing methodology, packaging and labeling, scientific development, processing and regulatory management. There is no team of experts anywhere in the world with more on the ground experience in the issues that matter most to cannabis industry stakeholders and regulators. Call or email us for more information about our consulting services.




Steep Hill Halent is a world class research and development company with our primary facility located in Berkeley, CA.  Our research arm focuses on product development and licensing for products serving the burgeoning medical cannabis industry in the United States and worldwide.  As a volume leader in quality assurance and safety testing, Steep Hill Halent processes thousands of cannabis samples each month, putting us in a unique position to unlock undiscovered potential in the cannabis plant.